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Hi, I'm Sandy!

I am a mother with a heart for encouragement who writes inspirational letters to my children and anyone else who longs for a mama’s touch. My goal is to help my readers follow God daily and know Him as their powerful and loving heavenly Father. I seek to cheer on faith when life is tough and to stimulate hope, peace, and joy in all circumstances by providing biblical counsel and support. My hope is that you will sense God’s constant presence, understand His great love, and develop a desire to know Him more.


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soul rest

Soul Rest – Don’t Miss the Amazing Opportunity

Many who lived close to Jesus while He ministered on the earth missed an amazing opportunity for soul rest! But it's not too late for you!
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Tea with Mama

Praising God for a Basket of Apples – TWM

After studying Paul’s letter to Timothy and pondering this Bible verse, Dad and I visited a local farmer’s market. I was struck by how God is so creative in even the smallest things. These thoughts inspired me to express my own exclamation of praise.
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A Tribute to John the Baptist

A Beautiful Tribute to John the Baptist

People are fair weather friends. But when the world turned cold on John the Baptist Jesus paid him a beautiful tribute. He'll do the same for you.
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Making Decisions When You Hear Two Voices

By Sandra Sheridan | October 23, 2020 |

No one makes it through life without facing some life-shaping decisions. Even one who resolves not to take one road or another is making the decision to stay where they are. And this choice also affects their life. Some decisions are no-brainers. Others stretch the mind. But what happens when you have two options with possible outcomes that could be good or bad? How do you make sure you are choosing the right one?

The Wedding Dress and the Power of Inspiration

By Sandra Sheridan | July 16, 2020 |

There are some people who just seem to inspire others. Their presence stimulates the desire in those around them to be like them or do what they do. They may possess a special talent that pushes another to work hard to attain success in the same endeavor. Or they may just have a kind and loving personality that awakens an aspiration for the same kind of compassion. These people hold a special type of power. They have the ability to mold those around them and change the world for better or for worse.

The Incredible Handmade You

By Sandra Sheridan | January 9, 2018 |

When you look around at the masses of people populating the earth and are tempted to feel small and insignificant, take another look in the mirror. You are one in a million created for good works in Christ Jesus because you are not part of a mass production. You have been incredibly handmade, stitch on stitch, by the greatest knitter of all time. His product? The incredible handmade you!

How to Deal With Conflict and Gain Peace

By Sandra Sheridan | October 16, 2020 |

Does anyone really love conflict? I know there are some who thrive on the drama of difficult circumstances and relationships. But I expect there are many more who would love to float through life without ever facing any kind of uncomfortable disagreement. This would be nice, but the Bible makes it clear that such ease will not be the norm. Life in a sinful world that is full of sinful people portends hurt and strife. We will need to deal with conflict. And in order to attain peace we must embrace the painful path.

Worry – The Biggest Energy Waster

By Sandra Sheridan | July 9, 2020 |

Have you ever noticed how the things you worry about the most almost never happen? In fact, the problems I encounter usually stem from situations I never gave a thought to. In the end I’ve found it is a waste of time to worry. A person can’t control everything in his or her life. Instead why not just trust the One who can!

A More Encouraging Broadcast than the Evening News

By Sandra Sheridan | January 28, 2021 |

Have you ever felt helpless when it comes to the affairs of this world? We each live in our own little sphere. Day after day we do what we do, keeping our slice of life under control. But sometimes, when we consider the bigger picture surrounding us, things become a little overwhelming. News programs cause us to realize there are powerful people making decisions for us; circumstances beyond our grasp affect our way of life. This is when we need to turn off the TV and take an evening walk to reset our thinking. God names the stars and they broadcast His glory.

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