The Wedding Dress and the Power of Inspiration


The Wedding Dress and the Power of Inspiration

Hebrews 10:24 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

Dear Kids,

There are some people who just seem to inspire others. Their presence stimulates the desire in those around them to be like them or do what they do. They may possess a special talent that pushes another to work hard to attain success in the same endeavor. Or they may just have a kind and loving personality that awakens an aspiration for the same kind of compassion. These people hold a special type of power. They have the ability to mold those around them and change the world for better or for worse.

Wedding Inspiration

This past week our family has been coming down off the high of a huge celebration. Last Saturday Nathan and Dalia got married. So naturally this week the participants have spent time rehearsing the fun and beauty of the special day. The ceremony, the decorations, the food . . . all of it has been mulled over and talked about with fondness. But there was one thing in particular that was an inspiration to two-year old Ruby.

Four days after the wedding, Luke and Brianna celebrated their third anniversary, so Nana and Pops had the privilege of watching the girls. When they arrived Ruby pranced into the house wearing a floor length dress with blue flowers that she had picked out herself. When I asked her why she wanted to wear this dress, her answer made me smile. With her limited vocabulary she responded, “Nathan, Dalia, dress!”

A Precious Role Model

Apparently, Dalia’s beautiful white wedding dress captivated this little girl and she wanted to be like her new aunt. So she chose the closest matching outfit she could find and insisted on wearing it, twirling in it, and enjoying the attention she received because of it. Dalia’s beauty, enhanced by her lovely personality, inspired Ruby to be just like her. What a precious role model!

We all have a similar opportunity to inspire others. In fact, Hebrews tells us we should make it a priority to live in a way that spurs others on to love and good works. Life was not easy for the recipients of this Bible letter. These Jewish Christians were undergoing significant persecution and many were tempted to turn away from Christ and back to the customs of their past. The author knew they needed to stick together and help each other to mature in their faith through mutual love and encouragement. This is how they would remain firm through difficult days ahead.

A Good Example Inspires Others to Faith and Spiritual Maturity

Our world today also presents many obstacles to faith and spiritual maturity. Right and left, many are falling away from the truth. We must consider how to inspire each other to persevere and withstand temptation. A helping hand, a well-timed prayer, and a kind word of encouragement may be all it takes to inspire a brother or sister to keep on. And our brightly shining light and good works may be just the thing to draw others we meet to the Lord.

This week Ruby has coined a new phrase: “Nathan, Dalia, Dress.” She says it over and over as she remembers and seeks to emulate a beautiful bride. May those around us find encouragement in our attitudes and actions. May these powerful character qualities foster a deep desire for God. And may they be the inspiration that someone near us needs to press on in faith, love, and good deeds.



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