Powerful Prescriptions from a Heavenly Physician


Powerful Prescriptions from a Heavenly Physician

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

Dear Kids:

Flu and cold season is upon us! It is not only the weak, but even the most hearty that can be forced to bed with coughing, sniffling, aches, and fever. This undesirable glitch in our plans is such an inconvenience for busy people like us! Thankfully there are excellent doctors and numerous modern medicines to ease the discomforts of our maladies and promote healing. This was not always the case.

Remedies from an old time drug store

Looking back in time often stimulates thankfulness. Recently we had an auction that featured relics from an old drugstore. As is my usual practice before an auction, I meandered through the Event Center to peruse the tables of neatly presented items. I imagined the sick from a time gone by seeking relief and healing from potions and syrups mixed in mortars and poured into beautifully colored bottles that lined the shelves of an old time pharmacy. These mysterious concoctions likely provided some relief, yet there was so much more they could not do.

Through the ages people have suffered in numerous ways. Our bodies are weak and over time we will each succumb to some sort of disease or malfunction. But even those who are healthy in body have other types of ailments. These are not ailments that old or new tonics can cure. They are of much greater concern because they can damage our minds and affect our thinking and our outlook on life. These emotional and psychological wounds shape how we look at God, others, and ourselves. Broken hearts of this type often lead to confused thinking, and there is no beautiful glass bottle filled with old time or modern medicine that can heal these.

Remedies for broken hearts

But there is a prescription that will do just the trick. The Greatest Physician ever known prescribes it. He, the Lord our God, understands the workings of every heart and the devastations that sin can cause. He provides the power to be healed if we are willing to let Him transform and renew our minds.

Are you dealing with a heart of pride? Take a dose of Humility. Are you down with a heart of jealousy? Slather it with a heavy coating of Love. Burdened with a heart of lies? Try two tablespoons of Truth. Are you aching with a heart of disbelief? Try a healthy cup of Faith. A heart of mourning? Spread the Oil of Gladness on it. And do you struggle with a heart of fainting? God prescribes a regular diet of Praise!

If you are sick with the common cold or the flu, then a trip to the doctor and a modern remedy will likely do the trick. But if you are dealing with a broken heart that has infected your mind, then the Great Physician is the One to prescribe the medication you need. It’s not a sweet syrup found in a beautiful glass bottle or capsules filled with curative powder. It is an old-fashioned health-giving balm activated by a transformed mind. Try God’s healing prescription today! It can make all the difference in the world.



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