Caring For People: A Ministry Pattern to Follow

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Caring For People: A Ministry Pattern to Follow

1 John 3:9 “No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him, and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”

Dear Kids,

In recent years DNA testing has become easily accessible for those who wish to discover information about their biological family. Genealogy hobbyists can trace their ancestry farther than they ever could before. Other inquirers seek to find out information regarding their health risks. And still more just want to discover where they came from. The availability of these DNA tests has unveiled a wealth of information, and in some cases uncovered family secrets. If you want to know more about your biological family background, DNA testing can help you know where you came from. But if you are wondering about your spiritual lineage there is a spiritual DNA test you need to consider.

John’s Spiritual DNA Test

The Apostle John wrote the book of 1 John expressly to believers in Jesus. His goal was to help them know for certain that they have eternal life. Throughout the book he gives the reader various assessments to help them evaluate their standing with God. One of these stems from the fact that true believers are born of God.

God, in His great love, provided a way for anyone to become His child through faith in Christ. Consequently, those who are truly born of Him will demonstrate certain characteristics. At our spiritual birth God places His own seed, the Holy Spirit, within us. From that point on, we begin to develop and display certain characteristics coming from our new spiritual genetics. This “DNA” received from our heavenly Father determines what we look like and how we act. And these qualities reveal our true identity to the world.

How Does the World Associate With Us

One indicator of our relationship with God is how the world associates with us. Those who are not God’s children don’t know God, so they can never understand who we are and why we live the way we do. Our family dynamics are foreign to them, so they will not approve of our decisions and lifestyle. Instead they will find fault and despise what we hold dear. This hatred should not surprise us, but should instead give us confidence that God truly is our Father. And some day when Jesus comes back, even more evidence will come to light as we reflect His image and glory.

Another test of our spiritual family genetics is how we live our lives. God can’t sin. Therefore no one born of God will practice sin. This does not mean that God’s child will never mess up, but his or her daily lifestyle will not be one of intentionally and constantly choosing to go against God’s commands. Instead, the true child of God will naturally emulate His Father by making righteous living his standard.

God’s Children Reflect the Love of the Father

Thirdly, God’s true children reflect the love of the Father. Just as God loved them and gave them a family heritage, they will in the same way love their brothers and sisters in Christ. They replicate Jesus’s sacrifice in their interactions with other family members, and they show the truth of the words they speak by their deeds.

Just as the advent of DNA testing opened up an avenue for individuals to discover their true biological identity, so John’s tests for identity provide a framework to reassure believers of their own spiritual heritage.

Positive Answers to the Spiritual DNA Test Bring Confidence for God’s Children

You can have confidence that you are God’s child. Does your life remind people of your Father? Do you resemble His Son? Do the Biblical truths that you say guide your life result in affirming deeds? Positive answers to these spiritual DNA test questions will reassure you and inform others that you truly are a member of the family of God.



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  1. Bart Sheridan on March 29, 2021 at 11:21 AM

    So thankful for the assurance that we can have that God is our Father. That assurance doesn’t come cheaply, but it is free! Thanks for the reminder!

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