Active Faith Launches Out into the Deep

Active Faith

Active Faith Launches Out into the Deep

“When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’”

Luke 5:4

Dear Kids,

Hebrews tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. And those determined to trust God’s divine power and wisdom respond with more than words. True faith always walks hand in hand with action.

Active Faith Yields Results

Faith is not an easy commodity. “I have faith” are only words unless the speaker steps out into the unknown. But this can be a little scary. It sometimes feels like leaping into the dark. Yet those who hear God’s word and consider it to be true are not merely throwing caution to the wind. Instead they are taking a calculated risk; launching out with confidence because they fully believe they are not alone. This kind of active faith in God always yields results.

One of my favorite Bible stories begins with Jesus teaching a crowd of followers. The eager listeners pressed in to hear the word of God spoken by this intriguing man who had the power to do miracles. To create more space Jesus asked a local fisherman if He could teach the people from his boat. Simon complied and shoved off, anchoring a few feet from the land. From the floating platform Jesus continued to speak to those who listened.

When He finished His message, Jesus engaged Simon. “Launch out into the deep,” He said, “And let down your nets for a catch.”

Reservations vs. Active Faith

I can only imagine what might have gone through Simon’s head at this request.

I’m the fisherman, not you!

This isn’t the right time of day to fish!

I’ll look foolish if this fails!

But Simon had listened to Jesus’ teaching along with the rest and decided to cast his fate with the teacher. He expressed mixed reservations and faith saying, “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing, but nevertheless I will do as You say.”

 The Many Outcomes of Active Faith

Imagine Simon’s surprise when his nets grew heavy immediately after launching out. Masses of fish swarmed to the boat and overloaded the ropes causing the fibers to break in the murky waters. “Help us,” Simon’s crew bellowed to the neighboring fisherman, “we’re gonna sink!” The partners hustled to the rescue. But even with two boats the catch overwhelmed the vessels. And amazement seized them all!

The outcomes of Simon’s small act of faith were many. His launch into the deep brought about not only an incredible catch of fish but also a change in those who witnessed the results. Simon himself shriveled under a sense of his unworthiness and fell at Jesus’ feet. The fellow fisherman stood slack-jawed at what had happened. Three of them changed occupation by responding to the call to leave the docks and fish for men. And all these left everything they knew to follow Jesus!

How Active is Our Faith?

It makes me wonder what would happen if those of us who say the words, “I have faith” would actually step out into the unknown at God’s call. For true faith always walks hand in hand with action. So let’s cast aside any reservations and take the plunge . . . who knows what kind of fish will fill our nets if we believe God’s words, gather our courage, and launch out into the deep!



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