God’s Everlasting Love on an Ordinary Day

God's Everlasting Kindness

God’s Everlasting Love on an Ordinary Day

Jeremiah 31:3b “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.”


Dear Kids,

Everyone longs to experience true love! Knowing that someone deeply cares about you and is willing to demonstrate it daily keeps you going even on the worst days. It is rare to find this kind of devotion from people here on earth. But there is Someone who delights in you, is fully committed to you, and regularly expresses His love in large and small ways. Just open your eyes and heart so you can appreciate His every day little gifts.

Holidays Often Bring Weariness

It was a beautiful weekend. Time with family and friends celebrating Easter revitalized our understanding of all God has done for us through Jesus. How could we not recognize God’s great love for the world when recounting the greatest sacrifice made on our behalf? But after the festivities ended my spirits drooped. Adrenaline from all the activity and festivities subsided and I felt a sense of weariness now that all the excitement was over.

The Monday morning alarm reminded me that the holiday had gone and it was time for another ordinary day to begin. Pushing myself to get out of bed, I decided to jumpstart my morning with a walk. The sun was just starting to peek out over the horizon and the awakening sky beckoned me.

God Demonstrates Love Every Day

As I strolled down our lane, breathing in the crisp morning air, a fresh outlook dawned. God demonstrated His great love many years ago by dying in my place. But even on an ordinary Monday morning He continued to demonstrate His love by brightening my day through small things. My step picked up as the cool but comfortable breeze caressed my hair and the sunbeams kissed my cheek. I determined to open my eyes to notice more of His special gifts.

One by one I added to my mental list the surprises I discovered: robins in the trees, a mourning dove cooing in the field, a neighbor’s rooster crowing “Hello!” as I walked by, four deer lazily crossing the road, and a gurgling creek singing with the rest of creation. As I headed back home a stunning pink sunrise exploded over the landscape. My heart almost burst in awe when through God’s handiwork I clearly heard His gentle words “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

God’s Everlasting Love on an Ordinary Day

Holidays come and go. Celebrate them with joy and let them draw you to God’s lovingkindness. But open your eyes for signs of His everlasting love on all the other, ordinary days too. His sweet gifts can be found every day of the year. You just have to look for them.



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