2 Deaths Precious in the Sight of the LORD

Precious in the Sight of the LORD

2 Deaths Precious in the Sight of the LORD

“Precious in the sight of the LORD Is the death of His godly ones.”

Psalm 116:15

Dear Family & Friends,

Death is a grievous thing! In the passing of a person from this earth we lose our face-to-face connection with them. In the beginning it was never meant to be this way, but sin brought about this devastating reality. Yet, each believer is precious to the LORD and his or her passing brings them into God’s presence where there is no more pain, tears, or sorrow. This truth is a beautiful reminder and comfort when faced with the loss of loved ones.

Double-Time Sadness

This past week sadness hit me double-time. On Friday, I received a text from Abigail informing me about the untimely death of the well-known gospel singer, Mandisa. I never met this gifted musician, but her songs have traveled with and comforted me over the years. Mandisa reminded me that I am an Overcomer in Christ and though I am Unfinished God has started something good in me and will complete what He has started. Her songs encouraged me when struggling on this journey called life that God is in my corner. She reminded me not to quit but to be a Comeback Kid.

This shock of Mandisa’s death came on the heels of another sad incident. Wednesday, I received a text from my childhood friend, telling me that her mother had passed into the presence of the Lord. Although I am so happy for Mrs. Gardner – she is out of her pain and rejoicing in heaven – there is also grief and sadness. While I hadn’t seen Mrs. Gardner for many years, she was a huge part of my childhood.

She and my mom were friends even before I was born, and throughout the years she was always so kind to me! I have vivid memories of going to her house every Thursday evening during my middle and high school years and eating her delicious goulash before attending a weekly youth Bible study. I also remember her warm and comforting hug after having my first car crash. We went on vacations with her and her family and stood beside them when their son died far too young in a car accident.

Two Beautiful Women

All these memories and more came flooding back when I heard of her passing. Though I am happy for her, my heart is sad for her family and for the reminder of the brevity of life.

Two beautiful women! One famous and one blooming quietly in her own backyard, but they will both be missed. Though they are now gone from our presence, they leave behind them a trail of blessing.

Precious in the Sight of the LORD

I will always cherish the memories and impact that Mrs. Gardner had on my life, and I will continue to be blessed by Mandisa’s beautiful voice encouraging me on my life journey. The deaths of these godly and influential women who have made a difference in the lives of so many are precious in the sight of the LORD, and I am glad I will see them in heaven someday.

Death is a grievous thing and one day it will come to us all. But for those who know Jesus, our passing from this world will be a glorious thing. We will see the LORD face to face, and like Mrs. Gardner and Mandisa, we will finally be home.



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  1. Bart Sheridan on April 22, 2024 at 9:42 AM

    Death is certainly hard, but praise be to God that Jesus defeated sin, death, and the grave!

    • Sandra Sheridan on April 24, 2024 at 6:00 AM

      Amen! What a comfort when we are grieving!

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