I received dual citizenship


I received dual citizenship

Dear Kids,

I Peter 2:9. “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you might declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.”

I looked around while we stood waiting in the big post office for our 10 o’clock appointment. We were alone except for the bald eagle that scrutinized us from the poster on the wall as if to determine our acceptability as US citizens. My thoughts were interrupted by a pleasant woman who appeared from behind the screen at the back of the desk. She directed us to a door where we entered a tight room and sat at a large table to wait some more. Soon she reappeared and we handed over the packet of information needed to apply for our passports. We had carefully gone over the list of essential items – original birth certificates, driver’s licenses, applications, and, of course, the checkbook.

One by one she had us stand against the cold wall and flash a wooden smile for the typical unnatural mug shot. After printing them out she cut them to size and stapled them onto the application which she went over carefully, comparing all the information to our birth certificates. Finally, she had us raise our right hands and swear that all the information was true. We inscribed our signature in front of her watchful eye and she then impressed the paperwork with her official stamp. We paid our dues and left with a feeling of pride. In a few weeks we will receive the little booklet that will prove to other nations that we belong to the United States of America. No matter where we travel on this earth, this great country is our home.

As Christians we have another citizenship. We are a people chosen by God to be part of His perfect Kingdom. It is a holy nation – a nation in which all sin has been removed by the blood of Jesus. Because of this we have full access to God with no need of any mediator other than Christ Himself. We belong to the King of Heaven and He belongs to us. As much as I love my country of birth, I love this kingdom more because God has called me out of a deep darkness into His wonderful light. We do not need a passport to get into this country because our King has set His seal of ownership on us by putting His Spirit in our hearts.

As Christians, never forget – no matter where you travel or choose to live on this earth, your true citizenship is in heaven.



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