The Psalms Provide Needed Encouragement

Encouragement From the Psalms

The Psalms Provide Needed Encouragement

“The floods have risen up, O Lord. The floods have roared like thunder; the floods have lifted their pounding waves. But mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore – the Lord above is mightier than these!” (NLT)

Psalm 93:3-4

Dear Kids,

The Lord speaks to His children through His word, the Bible! Those who seek Him through its pages on a regular basis can attest to the faithfulness that brings about a specific word right when it is needed. This is because God knows us deeply and promises to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. His encouragement lifts us to even greater heights when the message repeats itself in unexpected ways.

 Reading Through the Psalms

Recently I have been enjoying reading through the Psalms. Each morning I snuggle down in my chair and read the next one, think about it, and pray based on the message of the Psalm. The other morning I read Psalm 93. It is a short psalm with only five verses, but the words resonated with me deeply.

The writer speaks of the majesty of the Lord, and points out His strength and control over all things. His throne is established from of old and the world, firmly established, cannot be moved because the King is sovereign over all creation.

Poetic Scene For Trials

The Psalmist then describes a scene in poetic words that is relatable to all who have gone through deep trials. “The floods have lifted up, O LORD, The floods have lifted up their voice, The floods lift up their pounding waves. More than the sounds of many waters, Than the mighty breakers of the sea . . .”

Each of us has gone through difficult times when it seemed we would surely drown under the crashing waves of adversity. Sometimes financial concerns crush us under the weight of responsibility. Other times health issues leave us gasping with no foreseeable relief or remedy in sight. Friends and family fail us, and dreams we’ve hoped for disappear as to the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes one huge trial hits us head on, and other times the trouble comes wave after wave until it’s hard to catch a breath.

The Psalmist Turns the Tide

But when you read on, the Psalmist turns the tide! Although the floodwaters keep rising he reminds us that the Lord above is mightier that these. He is mightier than the tallest breaker. His voice is louder than the crashing sea. And He is stronger than the fiercest waves. He is the King over all creation, and He is in control of all life’s circumstances.

I mulled these comforting words around in my head for a few days and then the phone rang. Aunt Catherine called to chat and told me about a wonderful encouragement the Lord had given her that day. You guessed it! It was the exact same verses in Psalm 93 I had been meditating on. God affirmed His power and control over life’s circumstances to me by giving the same exact encouragement to my sister.

Relief and Encouragement From the Psalms

This message is the same for all. No matter what storms or crashing breakers you are facing today, find relief and encouragement in God’s powerful word. Though the waves may threaten to overtake you, the Lord, the King of all creation, is mightier still!



Psalm 93

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