Broken Things

I have been sitting here mentally making a list of all the broken things that need to be fixed at our house right now.

The Woman at the Well

The knot tightened in her stomach as it did every day when noon approached.  After furtively glancing out the window, she hoisted the water jug onto her shoulder and began the hot trek through town to the community well. 

Christ, the Light

Light shows us things we would not otherwise see. When Dad and I first got married we lived in an apartment complex in New Jersey. It was quite a large complex with many people living in close proximity to one another.

Swine or Lambs?

What happens when we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with our whole heart, soul, and mind, accepting His gift of salvation? There is a radical change that takes place. Anyone who is in Christ becomes a new creature. The old nature and way of living pass away and are replaced with a different and much better one - one that replicates the heart and mind of Christ.

My Tulip Friends

The day was warm and inviting. While walking into my office I discovered that the yellow tulips planted by the front door had opened their petals wide to drink in the refreshing sunshine. I was able to see deep down into the heart of the beautiful flowers to the black parts that made such a striking contrast to the vibrant yellow. I smiled, greeted them back, and entered the door to begin another busy day of work.

The Road Not Taken

The other morning while sitting at the counter eating breakfast I listened to Nathan reciting his English memorization assignment. 
Presidential Election

Making A Powerful Difference in the Presidential Election

Our country is on the verge of an important presidential election. Can Christians make a difference in this process? The answer is "YES".
Prayer - God's Faithfulness

Prayer: 3 Important Attitudes When God’s Not Answering

Prayer is an important part of a Christian's life, but what do we do when it seems God's not answering? 3 important attitudes change everything.

Transform Your Mind – God’s Incredible Editing Tool

Living in the world can cause one to have wrong thoughts. Transform your mind by using God's incredible editing tool - His Holy Word!
stumbling blocks

Strong Warnings Against Stumbling Blocks

Jesus gives strong warnings about sin. So, do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the world’s many stumbling blocks.
The Greatest in God's Kingdom

The Greatest in God’s Kingdom: Not About Competition

Jesus teaches that becoming the greatest in God's Kingdom is not about competition. It’s about faith and love!
fishing for the temple tax

Jesus and the Temple Tax

Did Jesus have to pay the temple tax? Jesus, God's Son, humbly came down and submitted Himself to this world all because He loves us.

Hi, I'm Sandy! 

I write inspirational letters based on the Bible that share words of hope, encouragement, truth, and healing to my children and anyone else who longs for a mama's touch.


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