The Wide or Narrow Gate; Which Will You Choose?

We make hard choices each day! The wide or narrow gate analogy pertains to matters of wisdom and the matter of eternal life. Choose carefully.
Choosing the Wide or Narrow Gate

All You Have to Do is Ask Seek Knock

Are you struggling to do and be what God expects? Humble yourself like a child to receive God's power. All you have to do is ask seek knock!
Ask Seek Knock

Hanging on to Discernment

Jesus said not to judge others. He meant not to be unnecessarily critical of those around you, but make sure to hang onto discernment!

How is Your Spiritual Vision?

Bad spiritual vision, like bad physical vision, causes many problems and unnecessary stress. So get your eyes checked and see things as God does
Spiritual Vision

Storing Up Treasures in Heaven and Auction Day

Auctions are a good reminder that storing up treasures in heaven pleases the Lord. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer – Jesus’ Pattern for Praying

The Lord’s Prayer is the best known example of how to approach God in meaningful conversation. Use it as a guide when praying.
The Lord's Prayer
Heavenly Applause

How To Get Heavenly Applause

When it comes to spiritual disciplines it is the person with the right motives and the secret actions who gets the heavenly applause.
Love you neighbors and love your enemies

Love Your Neighbors and Love Your Enemies

Some believe we should love our neighbors and hate our enemies. But Jesus taught to love your neighbors AND love your enemies.
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die - Children's Games

Making Vows – Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

“Cross my heart and hope to die!” This phrase isn't needed if you are known as a person of integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

The Tricky Question of Divorce

Jesus never shied away from tricky questions. Instead He answered the questions wisely. One of these tricky questions pertained to divorce.
Who will you listen to?

But I Tell You . . . Who Will You Listen To?

There are many voices in the world today. “THEY” are telling you one thing and God is telling you another. Who will you listen to?
Fulfilling the Law

Balancing the Checkbook and Fulfilling the Law

God expects His law to be followed perfectly, but this is impossible. So Jesus came, fulfilling the law on our behalf. so we can be right with God

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