4 Ways to Remember God, the Most Important Person

Memory is a wonderful gift, and we all have varying degrees of this valuable commodity. Yet in reality we are often a forgetful people. God knows our tendency to forget and regularly reminds us in His word to watch ourselves lest we overlook something important and suffer the consequences. There are many ways to remember God. Moses shares some important habits that will keep us on track.
Ways to Remember God

The Gift of God’s Presence

Call upon the LORD this Christmas season and rejoice in His precious gift, God's Presence. He promises to go with you and to give you rest.
God's Presence

The 10 Commandments – Measuring by God’s Standard

God gave the 10 commandments as a standard for actions and attitudes towards God and fellow man. We must measure our life by His standard.
The 10 Commandments

Thanksgiving – The Holiday of Healing

Thanksgiving - a day set aside to give thanks. The best thing experienced on earth is the love and faithfulness of One who is with us in suffering.

Passing God’s Test of Faith in the Wilderness

When facing difficulty consider God’s past faithfulness and call out to Him. He will hear and you will pass God's test of faith with flying colors.
God's Test of Faith

An Upbeat Song of Praise and Thanksgiving

We have much to be thankful for. The Israelites sang a song of praise for God's miraculous deliverance. We also should sing a song of thanksgiving.
Song of Praise
Prophecies of Jesus Birth

Prophecies of Jesus Birth in the Book of Matthew

In proclaiming Jesus as the Promised Messiah, Matthew pointed to signs, or prophecies of Jesus birth, to provide evidence for his claims.
A Virgin Birth

A Virgin Birth – An Unexpected Event That Changed the World

Unexpected events change everything. But God’s plan will always prevail. Jesus entered the world by a virgin birth and all of the world was blessed.
The Importance of Genealogy

The Importance of Genealogy

The importance of genealogy should not be underestimated. Where you come from can determine your future.
A New Year and a New Chapter

A New Year and a New Chapter

It's a New Year and time for a new chapter. I invite you to join me in reading the New Testament book of Matthew.
This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass – Today is the Day of Salvation

Nothing lasts forever. So, as the countdown of the final days of 2022 continues, consider: Now is the day of salvation! But even this too shall pass!
God, the Official Historian of Your Soul

Knowing God, the Official Historian of Your Soul

The Lord, the official historian of your soul, knows your name and everything about you. Don’t you, like Moses, want to know Him as well?

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