Where is God When I am Struggling?

Faith is easy on good days, but on bad days. . . Sometimes it's tempting to ask - where is God. How do you find Him in difficult circumstances?
Where is God When I am struggling?

When Sitting on the Fence is Important

Sitting on the fence is often considered a negative trait but there are certain times when it is crucial to stay squarely on the fence.
Sitting on the Fence

God’s Faithfulness to His Promises

Most people have been on the receiving end of injustice at least once in their lives. You were passed over for a job you deserved. The other guy got the raise and you didn’t. Someone else got credit for your hard work. You were ignored instead of welcomed. This kind of unfairness crushes our spirit, but we have a God who sees all. And even when you have been wronged it doesn’t annul His promises. He is faithful and will work out His plan for your life in the end.
God's Faithfulness

The Wrestling Match – Gaining Victory in Daily Life

Life is like a wrestling match. Difficult experiences and decisions often trip us up. But there is a way to gain victory in daily life.
victory in daily life

Following God’s Call – A Lesson from the Life of Abram

It takes a lot of faith to follow God into the unknown. But rest assured when someone steps out in answer to God’s call, He promises to guide him step-by-step.
Following God's Call

Great Expectations For 2022

Unmet expectations create despondency. So why not give the Lord your dreams and expectantly wait on Him to fulfill them in His way and time.
Great Expectations
All things Work Together For Good

All Things Work Together For Good For God’s Children

We may never know why things happen. But one thing we know for certain: God makes all things work together for good for those who love HIm.
Seek the Lord and His Strength

Seek the Lord – A Crucial Discipline for Godly Living

If you want to have power for Godly living, regularly engage in this crucial discipline. Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face continually.
Mercy and Justice

The Perfect Balance of Mercy and Justice

We can sing of the mercy and justice of the Lord because He perfectly and fully embodies both attributes.  He holds us responsible for our sin, yet in mercy provides a way for our forgiveness.
Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord – The Best Advice for Graduates

The best advice for graduates or those who've been living post-graduate life for years is to trust in the Lord and not your own understanding.
Encouragement From the Psalms

The Psalms Provide Needed Encouragement

The Lord speaks through His word, the Bible! Often the Psalms provide encouragement in difficulty. They highlight emotion then point us to God.
God's Powerful Word

God’s Powerful Word Through the Years

Throughout the years God's powerful word has inspired its readers. Many of these leave behind a testimony of hope even through unlikely means.

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