Discouragement: A Powerful Tool of the Devil

Discouragement is a powerful tool of the devil, and he uses it with everyone! It's important to know how to effectively combat it.

How to Bear Life-Changing Spiritual Fruit

The only way to bear life-changing spiritual fruit is to identify with Christ in His death and resurrection. In order to live, you need to die.
Bearing Life-Giving Spiritual Fruit

Reaching the Lost – A 3-Point Plan

Jesus gave His disciples a plan for reaching the lost. We also must follow this plan so the world will hear the truth, and God will gain the victory.
Plan for Reaching the Lost

Jesus Commissions Workers to His Harvest

God's Son has a compassionate heart for the needy crowds. Jesus commissions and sends His disciples to work in the harvest field.
Jesus Commissions His Disciples

Acquiring the Unhurried Life of Jesus

Our lives are so full of frenzied activity. This can create havoc in our body and soul. It is helpful to consider and emulate the unhurried life of Jesus.
The Unhurried Life of Jesus

Faith and Grace: The Perfect Life-Giving Match

Some things go together; some things don't. Jesus uses new wine and old wineskins to teach about a change. Faith and Grace; a perfect match.
Faith and Grace - New Wine
God's Unshakeable Kingdom

An Abandoned Building and God’s Unshakeable Kingdom

Everything on earth ends. But God's unshakeable kingdom lasts forever. God's children are citizens of His kingdom have a reason for thankfulness.
Tea with Mama

Get Out of Bounds – Podcast

Time is such a precious commodity. When we’re younger we think we have all the time in the world. But as we reach middle age and upwards we suddenly realize the truth. The years are fleeting and will soon be gone. Time goes by so quickly, so don’t waste today because it won’t last forever.…

I Want To Talk About Me – A Lesson in Humility

Selfishness is a natural tendency. Toby Keith's song, "I Want To Talk About Me" demonstrates this well. But God's desire is humility as seen in Jesus.
Feeding the Four Thousand

Feeding the Four Thousand: Faith and Trust No Matter What

Faith is crucial for pleasing God, and the disciples struggled with this. Yet feeding the four thousand was simple for Him so we can trust Him too.
Tea with Mama

Discipleship: Counting the Cost – Podcast

Almost everything worthwhile in life warrants thoughtful consideration, and I was reminded in a simple way that even small decisions made without thought can cost more than you want to pay. If you were blessed by today’s episode, consider buying me a ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠cup of tea⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ to help support my ministry!
Amazing Faith

A Canaanite Woman’s Amazing Faith

Faith is crucial to please God. But even our faith comes from Him. Jesus responded to a woman's request in a way that stimulated her amazing faith.

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