Prophecies of Jesus Birth in the Book of Matthew

In proclaiming Jesus as the Promised Messiah, Matthew pointed to signs, or prophecies of Jesus birth, to provide evidence for his claims.
Prophecies of Jesus Birth

A Virgin Birth – An Unexpected Event That Changed the World

Unexpected events change everything. But God’s plan will always prevail. Jesus entered the world by a virgin birth and all of the world was blessed.
A Virgin Birth

The Importance of Genealogy

The importance of genealogy should not be underestimated. Where you come from can determine your future.
The Importance of Genealogy

A New Year and a New Chapter

It's a New Year and time for a new chapter. I invite you to join me in reading the New Testament book of Matthew.
A New Year and a New Chapter

This Too Shall Pass – Today is the Day of Salvation

Nothing lasts forever. So, as the countdown of the final days of 2022 continues, consider: Now is the day of salvation! But even this too shall pass!
This Too Shall Pass

Knowing God, the Official Historian of Your Soul

The Lord, the official historian of your soul, knows your name and everything about you. Don’t you, like Moses, want to know Him as well?
God, the Official Historian of Your Soul
God's Perfect Timing

God’s Perfect Timing for Deliverance

Trials may cause us to doubt God's plan. But He is working out deliverance on our behalf and for His glory. We can trust God's perfect timing!
Our Heavenly Father

Our Powerful and Protective Heavenly Father

There isn't much stronger than a parent's love. Our heavenly Father feels the same protective spirit over us. He hears us and responds for our good.
What is that you in your hand?

What is that in Your Hand?

Do you desire to be used by God? What is that in your hand? He can use the simplest of things for His glory in ways you could never imagine.
God's Faithfulness

God’s Faithfulness and a Powerful Visual Aid

Some mornings are blah, but on those days recall God's faithfulness. And if you pay attention, He might even give you a powerful visual aid.
Create in me a clean heart

Create in Me a Clean Heart – God’s Business of Heart Replacement

God is in the heart replacement business. Sin causes damage, but when we repent God hears. "Create in me a clean heart" is the cry of the broken.
The Brevity of Life

The Death of a Queen and the Brevity of Life

A queen was buried this week. Funerals cause us to consider the brevity of life. Call out to God to help you make sense of this life you live.

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