Soul Rest – Don’t Miss the Amazing Opportunity

Many who lived close to Jesus while He ministered on the earth missed an amazing opportunity for soul rest! But it's not too late for you!
soul rest

A Beautiful Tribute to John the Baptist

People are fair weather friends. But when the world turned cold on John the Baptist Jesus paid him a beautiful tribute. He'll do the same for you.
A Tribute to John the Baptist

Discouragement: A Powerful Tool of the Devil

Discouragement is a powerful tool of the devil, and he uses it with everyone! It's important to know how to effectively combat it.

How to Bear Life-Changing Spiritual Fruit

The only way to bear life-changing spiritual fruit is to identify with Christ in His death and resurrection. In order to live, you need to die.
Bearing Life-Giving Spiritual Fruit

Reaching the Lost – A 3-Point Plan

Jesus gave His disciples a plan for reaching the lost. We also must follow this plan so the world will hear the truth, and God will gain the victory.
Plan for Reaching the Lost

Jesus Commissions Workers to His Harvest

God's Son has a compassionate heart for the needy crowds. Jesus commissions and sends His disciples to work in the harvest field.
Jesus Commissions His Disciples
Tea with Mama

Introducing “Tea With Mama”

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Matthew the Disciple autobiography

The Life-Changing Story of Matthew the Disciple

The gospel of Matthew contains part of the autobiography of the writer. Matthew the Disciple shares how Jesus called him and his life was changed.
Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Jesus Heals a Paralytic – Persistent Faith

Jesus heals a paralytic and forgives his sins in response to the faith and persistence of his friends. Don't give up on your loved ones!
2 Powerful storms - Jesus casts out demons

2 Powerful Storms – Jesus Casts Out Demons

Storms come in many shapes and sizes. Jesus cast out demons proving He has the authority over powerful external and internal storms.
Trusting Jesus in the storm

Trusting Jesus in an Unexpected Storm

All kinds of storms unexpectedly come up. Trusting Jesus is the way to replace fear with peace. With Jesus in the boat, all will be well.
The Cost of Discipleship

Following Jesus – The Cost of Discipleship

Many followed Jesus for the fringe benefits of healing and blessing, but Jesus wanted more. Have you considered the cost of discipleship?

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