Faith for Ministry – Learning to Swim in the Deep End

“I could never do that!” Have you ever looked at an impossible circumstance and felt an overwhelming sense of incompetence? God often drops us into the deep end of the pool in order to teach us to swim. But, like a good father, He doesn’t leave us to struggle on our own. He promises to be right there teaching us, supporting us, and supplying the strength we need in life and in ministry.
Faith for Ministry - Learning to Swim in the Deep End

The Best Listener Ever – God Always Hears

Do you want to be heard - truly heard? Then call out to the LORD, the best listener around! God always hears our prayers!
God Always Hears

God’s Training Ground – The Beautiful Hidden Tree

In order to prepare us for spiritual work we are often placed in God's training ground. Moses experienced this lonely place and often we do too. This is how God teaches us to rely on Him.
God's Training Ground

Everybody Has Weeds – Living a Spirit Filled Life

Every garden has weeds. The difference in appearance depends on the gardener. Living a Spirit filled life produces beautiful fruit that pleases God.
Living a Spirit Filled Life

Come to Me All Who Are Weary – The Divine “Handler”

Life is often burdensome. But there is help. Call on Jesus, the Divine "Handler". He says, "Come to me all who are weary." He will give you rest.
Come to me all who are weary

All Things Work Together For Good For God’s Children

We may never know why things happen. But one thing we know for certain: God makes all things work together for good for those who love HIm.
All things Work Together For Good
Sitting on the Fence

When Sitting on the Fence is Important

Sitting on the fence is often considered a negative trait but there are certain times when it is crucial to stay squarely on the fence.
God's Faithfulness

God’s Faithfulness to His Promises

Most people have been on the receiving end of injustice at least once in their lives. You were passed over for a job you deserved. The other guy got the raise and you didn’t. Someone else got credit for your hard work. You were ignored instead of welcomed. This kind of unfairness crushes our spirit, but we have a God who sees all. And even when you have been wronged it doesn’t annul His promises. He is faithful and will work out His plan for your life in the end.
victory in daily life

The Wrestling Match – Gaining Victory in Daily Life

Life is like a wrestling match. Difficult experiences and decisions often trip us up. But there is a way to gain victory in daily life.
Following God's Call

Following God’s Call – A Lesson from the Life of Abram

It takes a lot of faith to follow God into the unknown. But rest assured when someone steps out in answer to God’s call, He promises to guide him step-by-step.
Great Expectations

Great Expectations For 2022

Unmet expectations create despondency. So why not give the Lord your dreams and expectantly wait on Him to fulfill them in His way and time.
Active Faith

Active Faith Launches Out into the Deep

Faith is not an easy commodity. “I have faith” are only words unless the speaker steps out into the unknown. But this can be a little scary. It sometimes feels like leaping into the dark. Yet those who hear God’s word and consider it to be true are not merely throwing caution to the wind. Instead they are taking a calculated risk; launching out with confidence because they fully believe they are not alone. This kind of active faith in God always yields results.

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