All Things Work Together For Good For God’s Children

We may never know why things happen. But one thing we know for certain: God makes all things work together for good for those who love HIm.
All things Work Together For Good

Seek the Lord – A Crucial Discipline for Godly Living

If you want to have power for Godly living, regularly engage in this crucial discipline. Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face continually.
Seek the Lord and His Strength

The Perfect Balance of Mercy and Justice

We can sing of the mercy and justice of the Lord because He perfectly and fully embodies both attributes.  He holds us responsible for our sin, yet in mercy provides a way for our forgiveness.
Mercy and Justice

Trust in the Lord – The Best Advice for Graduates

The best advice for graduates or those who've been living post-graduate life for years is to trust in the Lord and not your own understanding.
Trust in the Lord

The Psalms Provide Needed Encouragement

The Lord speaks through His word, the Bible! Often the Psalms provide encouragement in difficulty. They highlight emotion then point us to God.
Encouragement From the Psalms

God’s Powerful Word Through the Years

Throughout the years God's powerful word has inspired its readers. Many of these leave behind a testimony of hope even through unlikely means.
God's Powerful Word

God’s Word is a Lamp

During my childhood and teen years, I spent many delightful weeks each summer at a camp in Halstead, PA. All year long I would look forward to returning to this peaceful haven where I enjoyed Christian friends as well as God’s beautiful creation. Camp Iroquoina was located down a long, windy, and dusty road nestled in the Pocono Mountains. My time there shaped my life in more ways than one.

Life from Death

Looking through my photos the other day I found a picture I had taken a few summers ago. I snapped it because it was so unusual. On our side porch where the concrete pad meets the brick wall a petunia plant had grown up and blossomed with vibrant pink flowers. This beautiful gift from God had sprung up from a crack in the barren, dead concrete.

Hi, I'm Sandy! 

I write inspirational letters based on the Bible that share words of hope, encouragement, truth, and healing to my children and anyone else who longs for a mama's touch.


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