2 Deaths Precious in the Sight of the LORD

Death is a grievous thing, but for the believer it will be a glorious thing. It is precious in the sight of the LORD for we will see Him and finally be home.
Precious in the Sight of the LORD

God’s Work, God’s Way: A Guide for Successful Ministry

God’s work can only be done in God’s power by faith! Sometimes we get sloppy in ministry. That’s when we have to get back to the basics.
God's Work, God's Way

They Saw No One But Jesus: An Important Family Policy

Peter attended Jesus' transfiguration, but he got sidetracked. After God spoke, the men fell and when they got up they saw no one but Jesus.
They Saw No One But Jesus

Take Up Your Cross – Trusting God When Life Gets Hard

There may be difficult days you don't understand, but take up your cross and follow Jesus. Trust the One Who knows what he is doing.
Take up your cross

Be Still And Know That I Am God

Jesus's disciple, Peter, had many quiet hours with Jesus and God revealed Jesus's identity to Him. God also calls us, "Be still and know I am God."
Be still and know that I am God

An Important Warning – Learning From Jesus’ Disciples

In what ways do we need to think less of our temporal needs in order to hear and respond to the important warning in God’s words?
an important warning

Good Night, Daddy!

I have always loved Thursdays. Thursday is the promise of Friday - another day closer to the weekend.This day was always special for another reason, too. When I was growing up, my family would gather on Thursday nights around the television set. Mom would toast cinnamon rounds (something similar to a pop tart) and we would snuggle on the couch to watch the next episode of The Waltons. How I loved this country family! They cared for each other and persevered through difficult situations brought on by a large brood living during the Great Depression. I admired Mama and Daddy as well as Grandma & Grandpa for their unconditional and sacrificial love for their children and for their neighbors. And what young girl couldn't help but fall in love with John-Boy?  

Where do you put your trust?

I have always loved horses. There is something about the beauty and strength of this majestic creature that has always caught my fancy.  When I was young I had a summer job working with horses and I loved to take care of them, ride them and just watch them.  I always dreamed of the day that I could have my own horse and a few years ago that dream came true when we brought our Tennessee Walking horse, Sonny, home.

Great is thy Faithfulness

This morning I woke up to another cold, icy, snowy day.  Though the snow holds a crisp, clean beauty, the difficulties caused by the subzero temperature start to grate on a person after so many days. The novelty wears off and only the work remains.  As I was grudgingly thinking about all the daily chores that needed to be done I happened to look out the window and saw a breathtaking sight.  The sun had come up and was shining with smiling rays of light through my dining room window.  I quickly ran with my camera to our firewood door and, ignoring the biting cold, ran onto the porch where I snapped picture after picture of this beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness.

Heart Search

Whenever someone is purchasing a home, they have a certain period of time to have an inspector search the house for any obvious or hidden defects that could cause problems after the sale. This is not necessary but always highly advised.  The other day I sat in on a home inspection.  I watched while trained experts combed the house from top to bottom checking the roof, the brick, the wiring and numerous other things that the untrained eye might miss.  They took approximately 500 pictures of every nook and cranny seeking to expose anything that might be a danger. I was impressed with the thoroughness of their investigation and felt sure that the buyer was being well served.

God’s Love Song

I love to hear John-Keith sing.  Often when I am working at the kitchen counter, I will hear him whistling or singing a tune in the other room.  It is such a happy sound to me and I enjoy it very much. Did you know that God sings over you?

Death Doesn’t Win

Last April Great Grandma Thomson went home to be with the Lord.  After a long, fruitful life she cast aside her 99 year old body to receive a new and perfect body. Having spent my whole life in her presence and influenced by her godly ways, I was privileged to be by her side when her soul left this world and entered the presence of the Lord.  One of the thoughts that went through my mind when her hand went limp and I knew she was gone was, "DEATH, YOU DO NOT WIN!"  Why would I think that at the moment of her departing? It was because I had memorized today's verse and God brought it to my mind in my sadness.

Hi, I'm Sandy! 

I write inspirational letters based on the Bible that share words of hope, encouragement, truth, and healing to my children and anyone else who longs for a mama's touch.


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