An Abandoned Building and God’s Unshakeable Kingdom

Everything on earth ends. But God's unshakeable kingdom lasts forever. God's children are citizens of His kingdom have a reason for thankfulness.
God's Unshakeable Kingdom

I Want To Talk About Me – A Lesson in Humility

Selfishness is a natural tendency. Toby Keith's song, "I Want To Talk About Me" demonstrates this well. But God's desire is humility as seen in Jesus.

Feeding the Four Thousand: Faith and Trust No Matter What

Faith is crucial for pleasing God, and the disciples struggled with this. Yet feeding the four thousand was simple for Him so we can trust Him too.
Feeding the Four Thousand

A Canaanite Woman’s Amazing Faith

Faith is crucial to please God. But even our faith comes from Him. Jesus responded to a woman's request in a way that stimulated her amazing faith.
Amazing Faith

Intercession Through Jesus – Someone You Can Always Count On

Life brings constant changes. However our relationship with God, is secure because Jesus lives forever to make intercession for us.

The Body of Christ – The Enormous Benefit of Teamwork

Our recent FFA auction reminded me of the teamwork we share in the body of Christ. Each believer has a specific job to do and together we win.
The Body of Christ

There is nothing greater than grace

Have you ever experienced a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach after doing something wrong? The oppressive burden is sometimes so strong that it has physical repercussions. Like a weighty ball and chain shackled to your ankle, it chafes and makes it difficult to move forward in life. No one felt this feeling more strongly than King David.

Perfect Peace

I watched in awe as she spun around and around, her skirt flaring out over the ice. The Olympic ice skater had perfected a skillful twirl.  As she landed on the ice and continued her routine, I wondered how she could keep from becoming disoriented from her spin.  After asking the question of a former ice skater, I was told the answer. Skaters are taught to focus their eyes on a specific spot. As they rotate round and round they continually move their head to keep their eyes on that unmoving point.  In this way they can keep from becoming dizzy and maintain their balance.

Counterfeit Thinking

Our minds are a battlefield. Our enemy, Satan, the Father of Lies,  desires to confuse our thoughts and    lead us from the truth. He uses many tactics to entrap us with wrong thinking. The only way to combat this is to know the truth and to know it well.

How do you worship?

I have always been intrigued by this verse.  It is in the middle of the faith chapter in Hebrews. Jacob, one of the twin boys of Isaac, was on his death bed and, after blessing each of the sons of Joseph, he worshiped while leaning on his staff.

Follow the Lamb

The weather was warmer this morning. When I ran outside to take care of the animals, I saw the goats had ventured out into the field for the first time in a while. They were enjoying the pleasant sunshine and nibbling on the grass when they heard me coming. They looked up from their foraging, caught sight of me heading their way, and took off pell mell towards the barn. It made me smile to know they were so glad to see me. I provide their food, water, and comfort and they depend on me. We like it when others look up to us and follow us. It makes us feel wanted and important.

What’s in your lunch?

I make a lot of lunches around here. Sometimes when I lay out the bread for all the sandwiches I wonder if I will have enough to fill everyone up. Boys especially can really eat! I was reminded the other day of another young boy who packed up his lunch and headed out to hear Jesus teach.

Hi, I'm Sandy! 

I write inspirational letters based on the Bible that share words of hope, encouragement, truth, and healing to my children and anyone else who longs for a mama's touch.


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